I'm the Genetic Scientist who went on to become a highly successful Medical Sales Professional ...

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Roy Layfield PhD, BSc (Hons)

   Graduating 1987 from the University of Central Lancashire (UK) with a high honours Degree in Biochemistry & Physiology, I then completed my PhD in Molecular Biology at the University of Sheffield (The Krebs Institute; Dec 1990), investigating and unravelling the pathway for regulation of gene transcription, using mouse Proline-Rich-Protein (PRP) models.  

   After moving to Australia at the end of 1990 to complete a further 4 years of research as a Post-Doctoral Fellow, I moved away from the bench in December 1994, where I left research altogether, and moved into sales!

   Quickly succeeding in a commission-only sales role with SCIA, I soon climbed the corporate ranks to become State Sales Manager (first in Qld and then NSW).  Learning to hone my selling skills and develop a keen understanding of territory management, I thrived in these roles for over three years before changing pace.

   In January 1998 I embarked upon my journey into the wonderful world of Medical Sales - a field in which I have excelled and spent many years now performing to the max for over 21 years, in various roles, and with numerous organisations including Parke-Davies; Pfizer; 3M Healthcare; Fournier Pharma and Olympus Australia.  Throughout this time I have also played a key role in developing others, both coaching and mentoring them to achieve their own powerful results, and with life-changing success!

   For some 10 years or more my wife Elaine and I established, built and ran a highly successful Medical Sales training business (Meditech) in which we helped many rookies to break into the industry, and also helped many of those already working in the role, to improve their performance. 

   Now, I continue to work in the industry, providing case support and specialised training for new technologies in the Respiratory area; still honing and developing my own skills in the medical device & consumables markets, whilst teaching others through a range of publications and online training courses to do the same.