Qu: Do I need a degree to get into medical sales?

Well the short answer is, ‘Yes, ideally you should have a degree.’ However, it doesn’t need to be a complete ‘no’ if you don’t have one, and you shouldn’t let it stop you. Medical Sales is quite a prestigious career and usually attracts those who have a tertiary qualification in areas such as science, nursing, business or marketing – which is really just an ‘indicator’ of your ability to learn, and adapt, to a new role. In this industry we tend to recruit people who are ‘teachable’ and, having a degree or similar (in ANY discipline at all), is taken to be a strong indicator of your own teach-ability; tick! Having said that, this role is ultimately a SALES role, so your ‘People-skills’ and ‘Selling-skills’ are of paramount importance; tick! In short, anyone can study for a Degree, but not everyone can sell, so use whatever your strengths are to sell yourself in and do your research so that you know what to say!

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