Qu: Do you need a medical background to get into medical sales?

Well the good news is that you do not, in fact, need a medical background at all! Naturally it helps if you do, because the clinical language and knowledge of the ‘inner workings’ of operating theatres; specialist suites or day procedure rooms can certainly give you an easier start, but once again you must remember that these are highly sought after, prestigious and highly professional sales roles!

With that in mind, even a person with no qualification and/or no medical training, can succeed with the right opportunity, depending on your ability and commitment to learn all of the things that you don’t know, and enhance all of the skills that you can already offer. For example (and I’m pretty sure that she won’t mind my saying), I once helped a very bright and successful young lady who sold telecommunication machines (phones, faxes and the like), to break into the medical device and consumables market, where she soon rose to great heights and continues to this very day, to achieve exceptional results. Could she have done that without some targeted help and guidance – probably not, because at the time she ‘didn’t know what she didn’t know’ and that’s where it becomes so important to invest into your own professional development! Enrolling into my online training course (coming soon) and reading the books ( is all about giving yourself the best possible chance to break into the industry. These tools are all designed to help you to ‘walk the walk’ and talk the talk’ like a pro.

The right candidate, with the right attitude, knowledge and drive, can often impress an interview panel far more than one who has less desire or focus, despite perhaps having experience in the industry or coming from a medical background. Whilst it’s fair to say that a significant component of the industry salesforce are those who do come from either a nursing, occupational health or science background, there is still a very large component of professionals who come from external sales industries and have no medical training at all.

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