Qu: Should I use a recruitment agency to get into medical sales?

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Imagine that you had a precious jewel and wanted to sell it today, but you’re not a jeweler, so you actually have no idea who wants it; what it might be worth; how it could be cut; where to start promoting it or indeed, what its true value is. And since you’re not the jeweler, you probably don’t even have a nice box to present it in either?

Well that’s you, trying to sell yourself into a medical sales role with absolutely no idea of what you’re doing! This is a highly prestigious and professional sales role for which both new and experienced reps will compete, and only the best will get through, so it makes sense to have someone on your side, and preferably one with a vested interest in your placement success?

Most healthcare companies now put their vacancies with dedicated healthcare recruitment agencies in order to conduct at least the initial screening towards a shortlist of candidates. They do so because they understand that the agency is highly specialized in their own selection process but also because each agency will already have many, many candidates on their books, who may be a great fit for the organization and the role at hand. It makes sense therefore, to give the initial selection to an expert and save both time and money.

Recruitment agencies are experts at matching great candidates with great opportunities in the healthcare sales market. You’d be a fool not to use them as they are the most powerful and influential resource that you have, whether you’re a rookie or highly experienced. These agencies get paid a handsome fee for each successful placement and are often competing with others, hence the stakes are high (for the recruiter), and they will put forward their strongest candidates, presenting each of you uniquely in your very own jewelry box, in order to ‘sell you in’ to the prospective employer.

So the answer is ‘yes’ you definitely should use recruitment agencies to assist you in finding a suitable placement because they will support you, and guide you, every step of the way. Remember however that you’ll also need to present yourself in the very best light for them to put you forward – to be articulate in discussing the type of role that you apply for and all that is involved.

Naturally that’s where my online training resources can really help: