The importance of a good resume!

If you’ve set your mind on breaking into the medical sales industry and prepared yourself by reading my three short E-Books (, then you might be wondering what to do next?

Well, a professional resume should be your next step. I’ve met so many great candidates over the years who try to move forward with a self-made resume – often with far too much detail or ‘filler’ and not targeted at all towards the roles for which they’re applying. Don’t let that be you, because it will hinder you like you wouldn’t believe. It may not have occurred to you but for each and every role that you apply, there are likely to be hundreds more applicants too. So put yourself into the shoes of your potential interviewer or recruiter, and it’s easy to see that an irrelevant or boring resume, doesn’t even hit their radar.

Of course it will cost you a little when you go to a professional to get the job done properly, but like most walks of life (Doctors, Lawyers, Accountant’s etc.), it makes sense to invest into getting the very best result. A professional resume can make such a difference for you and put your application into the short-list, rather than the shredder!

These days you’ll find a bunch of resume writers in your own state or country using google, but be sure to look at a few and don’t just get sucked in by those who pay for their site to hit the top of the page – they may be okay, but shop around a little and check for customer reviews.

Whilst you’re at it, get them to do a covering letter for you too! Lots of people will read through the covering letter in full detail whereas they may only skim over the resume on the first pass, so again, it can make a big difference.

If you have other questions about what to do next; where to start, or what you might need, then keep checking my blog ( as there are new updates every week. Good luck!