'Having applied all that I learned from you it really did give me an edge, quickly landing a job in the industry and winning numerous awards since then, for doing such a great job.  Thanks to you I was able to shine.'

                                               S. Tobin


'I was very impressed with the broad and extensive knowledge that your materials gave me, and I felt privileged to have you share it with me.  Thanks again for everything, as it helped me to begin my dream career!'

                                               N. Stead


'Amazing work Roy!  You have not only inspired me, but also empowered me, and I could not have done this so quickly without you.  Please keep up the great work as it made such a difference to me!'

                                               J.T. Brown


'Your teaching empowered me with the knowledge and capacity to gain access into the industry.  I would have been lost without it and could never have done so much with my career!'

                                               L. Fulton


'Thank you for a very professional and helpful insight into medical sales.  I’m pleased to announce that with your support I have now secured a terrific role in pharmaceutical sales.'

                                               L. Spooner


'Your teachings have been so helpful to me, both training and publications, and honestly I'm not sure how I would have progressed without your help - it's just been invaluable!'

                                               A. Higgins